How to Bypass Android Lock Screen Without Reset

Android Smartphone is one of the best & evolving day by day with the latest & updated technologies. In past mobile phones users can only set the keypad locks or some text password but as the technology is evolving day by day, the vendors are embedding the latest & updated technologies. Now the latest Android handset comes with the PIN, fingerprint, text password, and pattern locks to lock the home screen of your Android smartphones. And in case if you forget your set lock then it is really very hard to bypass the lock screen. And in the latest & updated Android OS, the authorities have disabled the bugs which contribute to the bypass Lock Screen of Android Smartphone. Undoubtedly, this is good new as the security features of the smartphone improved a lot.

Bypass Android Lock Screen

If you have the habits of changing the password frequently then it might be possible you may forget your password of Lock Screen pattern. If so then you must need of some useful & working methods of bypassing the Android Lock Screen Without reset and losing of your personal & private data. In this tutorial we are going to share some amazing & astonishing methods which will be really helpful to you to unlock Android Smartphone Home Screen without reset.

Bypass Android Lock Screen Without Reset by using TunesBro

If you are an Android User and stuck on the Android Lock Screen by forgetting the password you set then you must need a proper step by step guide to unlock the Home screen. In that case, it is highly recommended to use any third-party applications. There are a number of Bypass Android Lock Screen Removal application but among them, the TunesBro Android Lock Screen Removal is highly recommended.

It is capable to meet all of your requirements and will do your job within a few minutes without deleting your personal data. With this, you can easily remove any kind of security like PIN, pattern, password, and fingerprint locks. It is highly compatible to work with all kind of mobiles including Samsung, Xiaomi, OncePlus 5, LG, and even capable to support the Windows operating system.

TunesBro Android Lock Screen Removal is one of the best desktop-based application through which you can easily bypass Android Lock Screen without reset. This application can easily remove the password so that you can easily access the smartphone without entering any password or pattern at all. Really handy application if you forget your lock screen password, so what are you waiting for? Download now and get rid of the problem of Android Lock Screen.

Features of Tunes Bro Android Lock Screen Removal

The Tunes Bro Android Lock Screen Removal consists of amazing & appealing features which are really attractive and the main reason for using Tunes Bro to Bypass Android Lock Screen Without Reset.

  • Can easily remove the PIN, pattern, password, fingerprint, and other security locks from Android Smartphones.
  • You can easily unlock your Android smartphone without losing any kind of data.
  • An outstanding software with extreme ease of use. The user interface is properly designed by implementing the HCI (Human-Computer Interaction).
  • Highly compatible to work with brands like Samsung, Sony, Asus, LG, Huawei, and much more.

Step by Step Guide to Unlock Lock Screen Without Resetting

Step # 1 First of all you need to download the Tunes Bro Android Lock Screen removal by clicking on the downloading link we provided. The application is 110% free to use but in the free version you need to pay one time in order to remove the password, PIN, fingerprint, or pattern lock of your Android Smartphone.

Step # 2 – Now you have to launch the application once the whole process of installation finished.

Step # 3 – Now you have to connect the smartphone with your PC via USB data cable and have to click on “Lock Screen Removal” from the main interface of the Tunes Bro Android Lock Removal application.

Step # 4 – To remove effectively pattern, password, PIN, and fingerprint the application will download all the necessary password recovery apps and data automatically. But before this you need to restart your handset by pressing Home +Power+ Volume buttons at one time. This will enter you in the download mode of your Android handset.

Step # 5 – Once the whole process of downloading is finished, the Tunes Bro will start the process of Android Lock Screen Removal without reset automatically. The whole process of recovering the password will ensure you that its wont mess up with any data or files saved in your Android Smartphone. The Tunes Bro will simply erase the password so that you can easily access it normally.

Once the whole process is finished you need to restart your Android Smartphone. Upon restarting it won’t ask you again to input any password, PIN, pattern, or fingerprint.


Bypass Android Lock Screen Without resetting your Android Smartphone through third party application is the most recommended method. All in all, the method we have posted above is ideal and highly recommended. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the best of best information on our website.

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