How to Bypass iPhone 6 Passcode Without Siri

iOS is considered one of the most secure platforms and very difficult to break the security of the iPhone or iPad. Today in this comprehensive guide about how to bypass iPhone 6 Passcode without Siri we are going to reveal some of the really working methods to bypass iPhone 6 Passcode without Siri.

Nowadays people are peeping others iPhone without the permission that’s is why it is really necessary to apply for security and protection via password, passcode, PIN, or any other way. But still, you might not sure that your iPhone is secure or not because of the technology. A lot of technologies have been introduced which can easily bypass your iPhone 6 passcode with any hassles. It is very simple and easier nowadays.

Moreover, if you are habitual of changing the passcode of your iPhone 6 then it might be possible you forget the passcode of your iPhone. In that case, you can restore your iPhone 6 with the help of a PC or laptop with the iCloud or iTunes to the last restoring point. You can easily bypass the iPhone 6 passcode & can restore your iPhone with all of the data stored in the previous backup.

You must also note that the Apple Support Staff can’t help you to unlock your iPhone 6. They will also refer you the above mention last restoring solution. The solution is very simple, easy, and super-fast. You can easily achieve it with just a few clicks. You can also reset your iPhone 6 passcode lock screen by hard reset but this solution leads to the loss of your personal data & files if they are not synced with the iCloud & iTunes. All your personal data will be erased.

Another trick to bypass iPhone 6 passcode is to manipulate Siri but there are many useful apps & software which can help you to bypass iPhone 6 Passcode without Siri.

Bypass iPhone 6 Passcode With iTunes

Unlocking iPhone 6 passcode with iTunes is one of the best & easiest way to unlock iPhone 6. It is really beneficial to synced your iPhone with the iTunes before connecting iPhone with the PC and restore the device. The best thing of synching your device with the iTunes is that in case if you forget your passcode than you can easily backup all the data and files with just a single click. You can save all of your personal data again. No need of any passcode in that case is required but while bypass iPhone 6 Passcode with this people leads to erasing of whole data.

Bypass iPhone 6 passcode without Siri

Step # 1 – firstly, you need to connect your iPhone with the PC or laptop which you use last time to sync your iPhone 6.

Step # 2 – Your iPhone should automatically sync with the iTunes. If your device not sync automatically then you need to do it manually and have to confirm either you have done sync and backup process successfully or not.

Step # 3 – Now you need to click on the “Check for Update” If there are some new updates available on your iPhone you need to update first because in that case bypass iPhone 6 passcode without Siri won’t go smoothly.

Step # 4 – Now finally, you have to click on the “Restore”.  Now follow the instructions shown by the iTunes in order to complete the restoring process. When a message display in front of you “Restore from iTunes Backup” tap/click on it.

Step # 5 – Now you need to select your iPhone 6 in the iTunes and most recent backup which was created by the iTunes for your iPhone 6.

Once you follow the process step by step your iPhone 6 will start restoring with all the files & data in your most recent backup. Don’t worry, you won’t be asked to enter the passcode this time.

Note: It is highly recommended if you use the passcode, PIN, fingerprint, or pattern security feature remember it or else disable this feature for future.

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If you are thinking of avoiding Siri then you must need to use another software called iMyFone LockWiper. You can easily bypass iPhone 6 Passcode without using Siri now. You can easily bypass 6 digit and 4-digit passcode, Touch ID, and Face ID.

It usually happens when the user enters a six-time wrong passcode. The iPhone will display a message “iPhone is disabled, try again in 1/5/15/60 minutes” Maybe you familiar with the situation or maybe you not. But now you can easily bypass iPhone 6 Passcode with the iMyFone LockWiper. This application is specially designed for the iOS devices and you can also unlock disabled or broken iPhone screen with high success rate.

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