How to Get into Locked iPhone Without Password

Get into Locked iPhone Without Password – On daily basis people are managing a number of email accounts & passwords and sometime they forgot the passwords. So is the case with the smartphones. iOS devices like iPhone are considered as most secure devices. Millions of users around the world are using it and most of them are belongs to the business community. That’s why they applied some security features in order to avoid the unauthorized access and to make secure their personal data & files. But as the Security features are evolving day by day, the hackers and snoopers also updating their knowledge of hacking technology.

Now you can get into locked iPhone without password without any hassles. No need to be worried about too much now because today in this comprehensive guide about how to get into locked iPhone Without Password we are going to reveal some of the really working & tested methods. So, don’t hesitate to adopt anyone of the following methods.

how to get into locked iphone without password

Get into Locked iPhone without Password With iTunes

If you are looking for the simplest & the easiest method there it comes for you. You can easily get into Locked iPhone with the help of iTunes and it is the most widely adopted method for the iPhone users. Most of the users sync their devices with the iTunes and if they forget their password they can easily roll back their device to the latest backup state again. And once you initiate the last backup state of your iPhone it won’t ask you again to enter the password. And in this way, you won’t lose your personal data & files. Otherwise few methods of getting into Locked iPhone without password actually wash away all of the data saved in your device. Here is the step by step guide about how to get into Locked iPhone without password with iTunes. It is very important to follow the whole procedure step by step.

  1. First of all, you need to get connected your iPhone with the PC or laptop.
  2. Your iPhone will automatically get sync with the iTunes. By chance, if your iPhone doesn’t sync with the iTunes Automatically then you need to sync it manually. And once you sync you have to confirm the status of synchronization.
  3. Now click on “Check for Update” so that if any new updates need to install on your device it will update it first because if your iPhone is not updated it would be difficult for you to get into the iPhone without password.
  4. Now click on “Restore” and follow the instructions turn by turn in order to done the process of restoring. Once the whole process ready to go you need to click on “Restore from iTunes Backup”.
  5. Finally, you need to select the mode of your iPhone in the iTunes and most also have to select the most recent backup which you created last time.
  6. Once you have done with the whole process properly you need to restore all the files & data in your backup. And it won’t ask you to enter the password now.

Note: It is highly recommended if you use the passcode, PIN, fingerprint, or pattern security feature remember it or else disable this feature for future.

Get into Locked iPhone Without Password with iMyFone LockWiper

It is highly recommended to use third-party software to get into Locked iPhone Without Password. There are a number of iPhone password bypassing software but among them, iMyFone LockWiper is highly recommended. You can easily bypass the iPhone password by using this desktop-based application.

When the iPhone user enters 6 times wrong password he got struck into the Lock screen. The iPhone will show that message in that case “iPhone is disabled, try again in 1/5/15/60 minutes”. You might be familiar with this situation because you landed on this web page to look the solution of getting into Locked iPhone without password. The iMyFone LockWiper is specially developed & designed for the iOS devices. And you can easily get into Locked iPhone without password.


Get into Locked iPhone Without Password with Siri

  1. First of all, you need to press the home button until the Siri appears.
  2. Now you need to ask Siri What the time is.
  3. When the Siri Displays you the time you need to click on the image of the clock shown by Siri.
  4. Once you clock on the Image of Clock it will show you World Clock/Alarm/Stopwatch/Timer screen. You need to click on the timer again.
  5. Now you need to select ‘when the timer ends’
  6. Scroll to the top of the ringtone list and there you need to select ‘Buy more tones’
  7. This would open the Apple Store.
  8. Now you need to click on the home button again and It would bring up the main screen of your iPhone with full access to each & every corner of your iPhone.


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