How to Unlock a Network Locked Phone for Free

Unlock a Network Locked Phone – To make the latest technology phones affordable, network providers lock the phones, which means that it is bound with the specific cellular company. To use that phone with another network you have to unlock it. You may ask your network provider for the steps and instructions that how to unlock your phone.

If your account is good standing and you have done all the necessary things to fulfill your contract requirements, mobile service providers unlock your phone free of cost. There are two methods to unlock your phone for free with the help of service providers.

In this guide, we will provide you with the instructions for unlocking your phone for free. You have to follow these two methods which we discuss below:

Unlock a Network Locked Phone

How to Unlock a Network Locked Phone 

Method 1:

If you have done with contract, then you can go with this method:

Check unlocking criteria:

All the networks have their exclusive terms and conditions to provide unlocking service. You have to see that have you fulfilled the requirements which needed to meet the criteria. These requirements you can see in your contract or on the website of your service provider.

Check your IMEI number:

First of all, you should know your phone’s IMEI number. You can find this on the back of your phone or behind the battery. You can also have it with dialing *#06# from the phone you want to unlock, this displays the phone’s IMEI number. Write down this unique number because service providers need this to unlock your phone.

Contact Service Provider:

After getting the IMEI number in your hands, call your service provider and provide the IMEI number when he asked. After having the IMEI number, the service provider will look your account and contract status to confirm that you are eligible or not for using the free unlocking service.

  • The service provider will never entertain you for unlocking if you have not fulfilled the contract.

Your network provider can also do a lot for you, you just provide your IMEI number and account details. The network provider can request unlock code from the manufacturer directly. And if you are done with the contract this will be done in a day.

Follow the instruction:

After your request is sent to the manufacturer, you will have to wait for the call from the network which will deliver you your unlocking code. Most of the companies send the code via email, but some companies have a different policy. You may require to go to a franchise.

Now your part is just to follow the instructions provided by your network, mostly you have to insert a SIM card and enter the unlock code. When your phone accepts the code and starts working properly, then you can use the SIM card of any other network freely.

  • If that code does not work, please contact the customer support.

Method 2:

This method will work if your account is not in a good state, or you do not fulfill the terms of the contract. Network providers are forced to unlock your phone for free but only when your account is in a good state and you have fulfilled the terms and conditions.

When your account is not in a good state and network providers refuse to unlock your phone, then follow these steps:

Contact Network Provider:

Call your network provider and ask him what to do when facing this issue, and how to bring your account in a good state and follow the instructions.

File a complaint online:

File your complaint online, Contact the FCC. FCC is responsible for imposing policies related to the unlocking. This will help you to lessen the issues and provide you the information you needed which helps in unlocking your device.

Verify the IMEI number:

The final step is to contact again with your network provider and make sure that the IMEI number of your phone is same as the IMEI number on your file. Most of the times the unlocking is failed due to an incorrect IMEI number. Unlock codes does not work if you or your network provides an incorrect IMEI number.



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