How to Unlock a Phone on Every Carrier

How to Unlock a Phone on Every Carrier – You want to change your current network, now it is legal to switch your network and unlock your current phone on every carrier in the whole world. You just need to sure that you have fully paid for the phone or your contract come to an end and your phone must not be reported as stolen or lost.

If you are using a prepaid service, then network providers can’t lock your phone for more than 12 months. Due to it is legal to unlock your phone does not mean it is easy. In this guide, we will dive into how to unlock a phone on each carrier.

Unlock a Phone on Every Carrier

How to Unlock a Phone on Every Carrier

Things to be needed:

After taking the decision of unlocking your device, you have to make sure that your account has a good status. And you need to know that it is not going so fast, it can take several hours or days to unlock your phone.

Here we listed some points of information which you will need for unlocking your phone:

  1. Customer’s name and account information
  2. IMEI number
  3. Phone number through which your phone is registered.
  4. Password
  5. Payment plan or completed contract
  6. Deployment papers for Overseas (if you are in the military).

If you have all the above information, then congratulation you have done half of your work.

Check if your device is unlocked:

Most networks sale factory unlocked phones, and some lock your phone till the time of completion of the contract. Almost all the companies unlock your device when the contract is ended. If you have done with the contract and not sure about your phone lock status. There is a way to determine the status of your phone

Just put other network’s SIM card and look if the network provider’s name appears on the screen, then congratulations your phone is already unlocked. If not, then you have to follow the steps below.

Check the carrier’s requirements:

Every network has their requirements for unlocking the phone, some companies mention these requirements in the contract. If not getting them, visit the website of the network.

Get your Code for unlocking:

After getting all the essential information about your phone and contract. Call your carriers customer care center or visit their website and give them all the information which they ask. After all the verifications the customer care’s person provides you the unlocking code which will free up your phone.

Get your desired SIM card:

Before installing a new SIM card you have to check your device’s cellular type. Now go your preferred network franchise and buy a new compatible SIM card. Turn off and then turn on your device, after restarting it will be prompted to enter the unlock code to start the phone. Enter the code which is provided by the network, now your phone is unlocked officially and work properly with every network.

Third party source

Modern times have a lot of solutions to get rid of your network locked phones, the first method we have discussed earlier, now there is another perfect solution to unlock your locked devices.

There are a number of companies online serving with the unlocking codes. They all have the same methods but different in names. Here we include a list of things you need after searching the mentioned websites:

  1. IMEI number of your phone
  2. Information about the phone and network
  3. Valid payment method

When you have all these things ready, you can search the service provider. Normally people search for a website, pay the price and wait for the unlocking code to provide via email. Price of the code differs depending on the device.

Check the service is not a scam

Most of the websites offering the same service are the scams as they always take the money and never send you the code. So research about the website again and again before paying a single dollar to them. The most valued service providers have their customer support for assisting the customers. Just search customer support of a service and see the comments about that service before paying.

Provide the information

After checking and finding the right service provider, provide them all the information about your device by following the below steps:

  1. Sign Up
  2. Enter IMEI number
  3. Enter the information about contract and account (if needed)
  4. Enter a valid payment method
  5. Wait for the code

After completing the form submit it and wait for the code. Some of the companies provide the code right after the payment is confirmed, but it can take several hours as well.


Be ready to switch your network

When you get the code the next step is to choose the compatible network. Go to the nearest franchise of your desired network. Get a new SIM and enter it into the phone, once the phone is restarted, it will ask you to enter a code to start using your phone freely. Now you just enter the unlocking code and that’s all.

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