How to Unlock a Phone 2020

 How to unlock a phone – Modern phones are expensive which offers the latest technology. For making it affordable for all, the network providers lock the phones to their network. So, new customers have to pay 0$ for a new modern phone by agreeing to a contract. That phone would not work with other networks even after you ended up the contract. That’s the reason unlocking is necessary for using it with other network providers. Unlocking device makes you able to use your phone with any network in the whole world.

How to Unlock a Phone Samsung

In this guide, we will briefly discuss how to unlock your phone. There are two methods of unlocking your phone:

  1. Unlocking by your carrier
  2. Unlocking by a paid service

Here we will have a detailed look at these two methods

How to Unlock a Phone

Unlocking by carrier:

Check if your phone is already unlocked?

Most of the phones are factory unlocked by the carrier from the date of your purchasing. Many cellular companies automatically unlock your phone when you reach the unlock criteria. If you are still not sure about your phone, there is one method which tells you that your phone is locked or unlocked.

You just have to insert other carrier’s SIM card and see if the name of the network inserted appears on the screen, your phone is unlocked. If not, then unluckily your phone is locked.

Check the carriers unlocking criteria:

Every network has set its unique criteria of unlocking the phone, so you have to check that are you meeting the desired criteria provided by the network? Before searching the unlocking method. It is mentioned in your contract, or you can check it by looking your network’s terms and conditions.

Retrieve your IMEI number:

Your phone’s IMEI number is displayed on the back of your phone or behind the battery often. But if you are failed to search this on the phone, you can just dial *#06# on your phone to retrieve your phone’s IMEI number. For unlocking your phone, you will have to provide the IMEI number, your account and contact details to the service providers.

Get your unlock code:

After gathering all the information about your account and phone, call your carrier or visit the website. Provide them with all the information they needed, they will give an unlocking code for your phone.

Buy a new SIM card and insert:

Check your phone’s cellular type, either it is GSM or CDMA. After checking it get your new SIM card from your preferred network franchise which is compatible with your device cellular type. Turn off your phone, insert the new SIM card and turn it back on. When your phone restarts properly you will prompted to enter a code for using your desired network. Once you enter the unlock code provided by your previous carrier, your phone will be officially unlocked.

  • If this code does not work, please contact the customer support.

Unlocking by a paid service

Retrieve your phone’s IMEI number:

An IMEI is a unique identity of every phone. To get an unlock code from the third party service, you will have to provide the IMEI number of your phone. You can find it in the settings app, on the back of your phone or by just dialing *#06# from your dial pad.

Search a service:

There are a number of companies providing this service online. They sell unlocking codes for different carriers for payment. Some of them are scam but most of them are legal, so before paying you must check if this company is legal or not. Most of the web browsers will warn you if a website is unsafe but you must search a lot before paying.

  • Never trust a website if its address does not have https:// before the domain part.

Fill the form:

After finding the right one, fill the form on the website.

  1. Sign Up
  2. Enter the IMEI number
  3. Enter other essential information about your phone.
  4. Enter your payment method and information.

Before providing all the needed information, make sure that you provided all the correct information about your phone. So that you will get a working code.

  • Most of the companies provide the unlocking code in less than 20$.
  • Use the PayPal or Payza service, if possible

Get Unlocking Code:

After requesting the unlock code, it will take a few hours or days but not more than 3 days for you to retrieve your code. One received the code, you can go to the step of unlocking method.

Insert a compatible SIM card:

After getting the code, you must find your device’s cellular type. Having cellular type in mind go to the network franchise for buying a new compatible SIM card.

Turn off your phone and place the new SIM card of your desired network which you have bought right away. Turn the phone on, now you will be asked to enter the unlock code to use the phone. When you enter the code, your phone will start properly and will be unlocked officially.

Note: If this code does not work, must contact with the service provider.


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