Top Ten Battery Savers Apps for Android Users

Top Ten Battery Savers Apps – Battery timing could be an issue with the users of latest technology. A smartphone having large display screens, DUAL SIMS, high processing capacity, high storage speed, and 3G/4G compatibles engulf a huge amount of battery. The draining speed of the battery is quite higher as compared to the traditional devices. But, you should not be worried about this as there is the much Android application available which serve as a battery saver. They not only save the power of the battery but also boost its backup. But, you can be confused at the time of picking up the right one as there is a lot of battery saving application. To assist you in picking the right one we have to compile a list of Top Ten Battery Savers Apps which are the legend in real. So, go through this short list and pick the right one for you. Top 10 best battery Saver apps for Android Devices.

List of Top Ten Battery Savers Apps for Android Devices

Sr. No Application Rating
1 Greenify 4.4
2 Battery Saver 2017 4.1
3 Battery Optimizer & cleaner 4.3
4 Battery Doctor 4.5
5 DU Battery Saver 4.5
6 Avast Battery Saver 4.4
7 Power Clean 4.6
8 360 Battery Plus Battery Saver 4.5
9 Battery HD 4.6
10 Accu Battery 4.6

Greenify Best Battery Saver Application

Greenify Top Ten Battery Savers AppsThe application Greenify is ready to entertain multiple platforms users. The application is available for both Android and iOS users. Within the very short period of time, the application got more than 50 million installations. It is commonly saying by many users that application running in the background slow down the performance of the smartphone. The main idea on which the Application Greenify works is that it hibernates all of the inactive applications and saves the battery for draining. By hibernating these inactive applications the Greenify saves the battery consumption by these applications. The Greenify Authorities claims that they never touch or bother your personal Information and occupy the low resources of your CPU and RAM. Undoubtedly, Greenify is Legend Application in the genre of Best Battery Savers Apps for Android Devices.

Battery Saver 2017 Android Application

Battery Saver Top Ten Best battery SaverLast year many of the high authority Websites published their list of top best battery Savers like the AndroidAuthority listed this application in their top 5 list for last year. And, honestly, we found amazing and stunning results upon using the Battery Saver 2017 Android Application. Undoubtedly, the application is one of the best battery management Application which allows you to control the battery consumption of installed and running applications with ease. You can set the minimum threshold level for this application and whenever, the battery level drops to a certain minimum threshold level, it suggest you turn on the power saving mode. It also monitors and notifies you to turn off the inactive and idle sitting applications like Bluetooth, sound, display, and much more. This ultimate top ten battery saver offers the following battery saving modes.

  1. Sleeping mode
  2. Work Mode
  3. Class Mode
  4. Customized mode

Indeed, the application is one of the legends of the current Top Ten Battery Savers Apps for Android devices.

Battery Optimizer & Cleaner

Battry Optimizer and Cleaner

This application is one of the top ten Battery Savers Apps for Android devices from one of the top-rated firm “The Intel Security”. The main idea of working of all applications is similar. Battery Optimizer & Cleaner boosting the performance of mobile devices by disabling the inactive applications, running in the background, and which occupy the RAM and ROM memory for free. You can configure the applications as per your wish. This battery saving application scan both internal and external storage and detects the blurred and duplicate images for more enhancement of the space. The application also provides the full data pack manager application on the main screen of the user which helps the user to track the data he lefts with. Based on these data analysis the user could able to take certain actions.

Battery Doctor (Power Saver)

Battery DoctorBattery Doctor is a leading battery savers Apps supporting more than 28 languages. This application is covering the users from across the globe. The interface of the application is highly user-friendly. This Best Battery Savers Apps is available for both Android and iOS users. It is available for free for both of the platforms. The most thrilling feature of this application is that it is One Touch Optimization Application. With the just single tap, you will be able to optimize the battery power by stopping the inactive threads of applications. You can also monitor, which application is consuming how much power. Other amazing and stunning features of this Top Ten Battery Savers Apps for Android devices are following.

  1. Multiple modes of battery saving.
  2. Accurate Battery left to time.
  3. Brightness management of the mobile devices.
  4. Stop the inactive threads.

DU Battery Saver Application

DU Battery Saver Top Ten Battery Savers AppsDU Battery Saver Application is one of the best Battery savers Application for Android devices. More than 400 million users trust over this application. The application is available for both iOS and Android users. The main mechanism of the application is that it detects the application which is draining the battery and alert the user. The application also supports the advanced mode, by using advanced mode of the application you can further fine-tune these battery draining applications. The unique feature of the DU Battery Saver Application is that it has phone cooler option which shut down the non-active application and also shut down those applications which are CPU intensive.  The Task Killer widget on the screen will help you a lot to optimize the battery usage by managing Wi-Fi brightness, data, and sound on a single tap.

Avast Battery Saver Android Application

Avast Battery SaverAvast Battery Saver is the one of the Top Ten Battery Savers Apps for Android and considering as the best-updated battery saver application. The application is updated based on the feedback provided by the users. With the single master switch, you can turn on and turn off this battery saving application. The application is fully loaded with the smart technology which works intelligently and displays the remaining battery life. It also alerts the user to take some certain actions in order to increase the life of the battery. You can do customization with the battery of this application or if you don’t want to set it manually then you can use the pre-defined optimization parameters. Avast is well-known antivirus brand and now it again proved it is one of the leading brands in the market.

Power Clean (Optimize Cleaner)

Power CleanPower Clean is considered as one of the amazing powerful mobile phone cleaners. More than 100 million users are benefited with this application. The application is not only to saves the life of batter but it also enhances the overall performance of the application. The application automatically detects the battery consuming application and allow the users to disable them on a single tap. It also helps to cool down the temperature of the processor by using CUP Cooler option. Other features also include the instantly free up the RAM to boost the speed of the mobile devices. Moreover, it consistently monitors the health of the device.

360 Battery Plus-Battery Saver

360 Battery Saver360 means running all the time. The application moves around the clock all the time and optimizes the smartphone battery for all the day. It also provides the battery consumption report to the user. The power saving mode of the application not only analyzes the idle application but also notify the user which application is eating more battery. One of the unique features of this application is that it also optimize the battery charging time to amaze the user. It also keeps on monitoring the battery temperature. Once the battery reaches the threshold temperature of battery it prompts the user instantly.

Battery HD –Top Ten Battery Savers Apps

Battery HDYes, we have listed the top rated and top ten Batter Savers Apps for the android users. Battery HD and all of the applications are free to download. This application Battery HD Best Battery Savers Apps is available with amazing and interactive user-interface. The best feature of this application is that you can use this application according to the nature of the application. You can fully customize the setting of this application which includes the widgets, charge alerts, notifications, and the battery usage chart. With just a single tap and within no time you can upgrade the whole application instantly. So, grab the opportunity of best Top Ten Battery Savers Apps for Android Devices.

Accu Battery

Accu BatteryThis Battery saver application has both free and paid version. In the free version of this application, you can monitor the battery health and consumption percentage by apps. This will help the battery prolong life. The paid version of the Accu Battery saver application measure the battery capacity in actual unit and that is mAh. Following features are also supported by this application.

  1. Remaining Charge Time.
  2. Remaining-Use Time.
  3. Statistical details of the battery (Pro-version)
  4. Themes (Pro-version)
  5. Real-time CPU Usage. (Pro-version)

Final Thoughts

After reading the complete article, you will came to know the worth of compiling a list of Top Ten Battery Savers Apps for Android. You can download anyone best suited to you as per your mobile specifications. We have narrow down your choices of selecting the best among Top Ten Battery Savers Apps. Do lets us know your valuable feedback in term of comments given below.

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