Unifi Speed Test – How to Test Internet Speed

Do you know what does the Unifi Speed Test actually tells you about your internet connection? If No, then Telekom Malaysia(TM) would like to share with you some useful information about Unifi Speed Test gladly.

What does Unifi Speed test actually tells you?

The Unifi Speed Test Result consist of a variety of information like download speed, upload speed, ping and sometimes more information. Undoubtedly, you have been spending a handsome amount of hard-earned money on your internet connection, so making sure you are getting the promised bandwidth of internet connection or not, it is your first right.

Unifi Speed Test

To sum up all, you have to test your internet speed regularly and understanding the internet speed test data will help you a lot to ensures either you are getting what you are paying for. So, we can define the internet speed test is a process of analyzing the broadband connection speed by comparing the actual parameters with the signed service parameters.

A Closer & Deeper Look at the Speed Test Data

The service quality of the Telekom Malaysia(TM) is totally based on the promised download speed at the time of ordering internet services. The download speed is expressed in Mega Bits per second (Mbps). With the Unifi Speed Test, you can verify either you are getting the signed downloading speed or not? Moreover, you can check other parameters provided to you by TM. Here is the comprehensive list of Data offered by the speed test.

Downloading speed – Download speed depicts how quickly the internet content is delivered to your computer and it is expressed in Mbps.

Upload Speed – Upload speed is the reciprocal of the download speed which depicts clearly how fast you can upload content to the internet. This parameter is really important if you use internet for sharing videos, music, and images.

Ping Test – Ping Test is generally known as latency test which reflects the latency rates in the network. Usually, it defines as the time required to takes data from one computer to another computer over the internet. The Ping Test is normally expressed in milliseconds.

The Unifi Speed Test clearly depicts the health of your Internet Connection. The fastest and easiest way to check the quality of Internet services provided to you by Internet Service provider (ISP).

So, what are you waiting for grab the service of Unifi Speed Test and check your Internet service quality within no time.

NoteIt is highly recommended to check the speed of your internet connection via Unifi Speed Test for verification.