How to Unlock Android Phone Without Password

How to unlock Android Phone Without Password – Setting up the screen lock by a fingerprint or password is the most common way to prevent the personal and important data of the user. But if by chance the user set a new password and forget then how to get rid of this issue and unlock the Android phone without password, pattern or fingerprint as he won’t able to access anything saved in his/her Android Smartphone. In this comprehensive guide about How to Unlock Android Phone Without Password, we are going to reveal some working and tested methods which will definitely help you to unlock Android Phone without password.

There are multiple methods available but, in this guide, we are posting top 2 methods which are widely adopted by the Android User to unlock Android Phone without password.

Method # 1 – Unlock Android Phone without Password with PhoneResuce Application

PhoneRescue Android Application is one of the best & ideal choice for most of the professional Android users who wants to unlock their Android smartphones without a password. The whole process of unlocking is very simple and easy and it doesn’t requires any technical knowledge. You just need to click 1 time in order to gain the full access to your Android Smartphone regardless of what kind of screen lock you set either password, fingerprint, or pattern. It will be safely removed without losing any data. All of your personal & private data remain secure. And above all Unlock Android Phone without password is totally free of cost. Don’t pay now a single penny to unlock your Android smartphone.

PhoneRescue Application for the Android OS is highly compatible with multiple vendors Android Smartphones which also includes the Samsung, Sony, Google, LG, Huawei, and many others. Moreover, this Android Application also work as data recovery application and you can easily recover the contacts, photos, messages, and even deleted Android Application. In order to unlock Android Phone without Password, you have to follow the step by step guide we posted. Best of Luck!

Step # 1 – First of all you need to download the PhoneRescue Android Application on your PC from the link provided. Go through the process of installation and launch it.

Step # 2 – Now connect your Android Smartphone with the computer Via Data Cable.

Step # 3 – Now you have to click on the second button shown at the upper left corner of the user interface to select the Lock Screen Removal Function.


Step # 4 – Once you click on Lock screen Removal it will start identifying your Android Smartphone. Once it identified you have to click on the Start Unlock Button in order to start the process of Unlock Android Phone without password.


Step # 5 – Once the application finished its work of removing the screen lock it will prompt the user with a message “Screen Lock is removed successfully” and your Android Smartphone will restart automatically.


That’s all, now upon access the files and folders in your Android smartphone it will not ask for the password.

Method # 2 – Unlock Android Phone Without Password using ADM (Android Device Manager)

Android Device Manager is undoubtedly a great tool which deals with the major functionality of the Android devices and also makes the managing your device easy & simple. That’s why it is highly recommended to enable the Android Device Manager on Android Smartphone. If you have enabled the ADM on your phone before locking then you can easily take advantage of the Android Device Manager in order to unlock your Android Smartphone. Here is the step by step guide to unlock your Android device with ADM.

Step # 1 – first of all you have to open either on a computer or another Android device.

Step # 2 – Now you have to sign in with the credentials you used in setting up the Google Play Store.

Step # 3 – In the ADM interface you have to select the device you want to unlock without password.

Step # 4 – Now you have to select Lock.

Step # 5 – In the next appearing window of ADM you have to enter a temporary password. You don’t need to enter the recovery mode and then click on the ‘Lock’ again.

Step # 6 – if you done successfully till now, the system will display a confirmation message with the Buttons of Ring, Erase, and Lock.

Step # 7 – Now check your Smartphone you will see a password entering field where you have to enter a temporary password. This temporary password will unlock your Android device.

Step # 7 – here is the final step before going out, you need to navigate to the phone lock screen setting and disable the temporary password you set.

Congratulation you have unlocked your Android Phone without password.

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